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What We Do

Pacific Inspections means Service!
Pacific Inspections means Service!

Public Relations

Many times, our field representatives are the only representatives in the industry that the insured meet face to face. For this reason, we have high standards for their interactions on your behalf and we maintain a close liaison between you, the insured and our field representatives. In today's age of heightened security awareness our field representatives are instructed to fully identify themselves with the insured and carry identification and business cards.

In dealing with insured and agents, our field representatives have been instructed to be tactful and courteous at all times, making every attempt to secure the information necessary to complete the inspection. They are further instructed to avoid any discussion with the insured concerning insurance matters not pertaining to the assignment. If an insured shows a definite lack of willingness to cooperate, our field representatives are instructed to withdraw gracefully. It is important to us that the insured view inspections as routine and that our inspectors' presence does not jeopardize the positive attitude of insured towards your company.

Time Service

Time Service is a very important part of our commitment. Inspections are usually completed in 10-15 working days . In the event that additional time is required (e.g. insured unavailable, hazardous weather conditions, unusually remote locations) we issue a status report at 15 working days so you are always aware of the status of your request.

For urgently needed reports, we pride ourselves on the quick completion of RUSH inspections. Telephone reports are available once the risk has been inspected if a RUSH has been indicated at the time of the inspection request.

Customized Service

Pacific Inspections has the ability to develop an inspection program uniquely tailored to your requirements. Our success is based on meeting the specific needs of the companies we serve. By keeping a file on the specific requirements of each of our clients, we are able to react to changes in your company's needs immediately, insuring a smooth transition as your company responds to the changing needs of its markets.

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